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  • New Yorker, legally New Yorker Group Services International GmbH & Co.KG, is a German clothing retailer headquartered in Braunschweig. In 1971 the first New Yorker store was opened in Flensburg. In December 2006, the company won the first billion in sales.

    Founders: Tilmar Hansen, Michael Simson, Friedrich Knapp

    CEO: Friedrich Knapp (Feb 2005–)

    Founded: 1971, Flensburg, Germany

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    According to Bangladesh's Labor Act of 2006, section (section 205-208) and the Amendment in 2013, each employer of an establishment in which fifty or more workers are employed, there should be a worker participatory committee (wpc) in each industrial setting

  • Company picnics are events that bring your team together for food, activities, and entertainment. Examples of activities include three-legged races, taco bars, and DJs. The purpose of these occasions is to celebrate a milestone or gather the team for an afternoon of fun.

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